The total area of Yanliang is 244 square kilometers, having two town and five sub-districts, with a population of 280,000 (in which 100,000 is the urban population). In 2010, the region's GDP achieved to 10.015 billion Yuan, an increase of 15.8%; local financial revenue was 526.9 million Yuan; an increase of 30%, the total investment was 11.78 billion Yuan in fixed assets; an increase of 33%; total retail sales of social consumer goods was 1.9 billion Yuan, an increase of 19%. Yanliang has the long history of culture, industry characteristic. It is a China’s historic city where the ancient oak Yangcheng has lived. It is believed that the yellow emperor (Huang DI) ancestor started from Jingshan (Jin Mountain). It is also known as...



Focus on the introduction, cultivation on major projects and key enterprises efforts, combined with successively introduced the Yanliang preferential investment incentive measures, "The preferential policies to promote Yanliang district development" and "The opinions to promote the Yanliang industrial economic development” and so on a series of supporting industrial development policies and measures to support the industrial development. The district government has successively set up Yanliang district government investment promotion and capital reward fund, park development special funds, special funds for the development of industrial park industrial enterprises, sized enterprises and corporate transformation and innovation an...